Pretty Woman (1990): Mine are broken

From: USA

Director: Garry Marshall

Most people’s favorite scene is the Rodeo Drive one I think. The “Big Mistake. HUGE” one. Rightly so, that’s just iconic. It has all the makings of a fairy tale complete with the title theme song. I love that scene myself, but sadly, that’s not my favorite. My favorite is the opera one. Not on the way to the opera-giving-quarter-of-a-million-necklace scene, but the one where the binoculars were broken. FRICKIN LOVE THAT SCENE. And to add to my adulation, some genius even created a YouTube video for that scene alone. Genius.



What this film holds for me: 

What: These are broken. Mine are broken. 

Who: Patrick Richwood as Night Elevator Operator Dennis


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