Tug of War! / 綱引いちゃった!(2012)

From: Japan

Director: Nobuo Mizuta

I just love it when I get to watch something that I know nothing about. I’m always in for a surprise, whether good or bad. Tug of War! was no different. I did not know it was a comedy; didn’t know it was literally about tug of war. Wasn’t aware I was up for a light heartwarming ride. Didn’t even know the title. Just sat there and waited for it to reveal itself to me.

The movie was okay, satisfactorily entertaining with all its slapstick humor and caricatures. I enjoyed it. But the surprise hit to me was Tetsuji Tamayama who played Kimio the coach. He was introduced as a shy clumsy tug of war competitor immediately smitten with the female lead. I paid no attention to him at first, as he coached the team and ludicrously professed his affections in secret. He was deliberately awkward and clumsy. Didn’t really pay no mind.

BUT NO. He was a surprise hit. I was surprised by the way his gorgeousness hit me. After the film. TWO DAYS after the film. He’s a revelation. Can’t get him out of my mind. I watched the film during Eiga Sai last week and still, I keep thinking about his face. When I looked him up, lo and behold, he’s more gorgeous in Google. I mean, come on. I keep researching his movies, looking for videos. I am smitten.

Okay, so this is more about a crush than about a movie. I’m sorry.

Tetsuji in Tug of War!

Tetsuji in Tug of War!

What Google gave me

What Google gave me

Thank you internet

Thank you internet

What this film holds for me:

Who: TETSUJI TAMAYAMA, that’s who

What: nothing else I’m afraid 


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