Short: I’m Here (2010) – Intro to Mister Jonze

From: USA

Director: Spike Jonze

I'm here

This was my first appreciation of SJ. A new friend at that time found out about my penchant for films and sent me the link to this short. That started a rather favorable albeit short-lived film correspondence which I am grateful for to this day.

I’m Here is one of those shorts that fall in a different league altogether. It is beautiful. Its dimensions are contradicting and complementary at the same time. It’s real and not real. It’s futuristic fiction and primitive existentialism at the same time. And it works. Mister Jonze is the king of melancholic future; one that will make you urgently and constantly wanting to abandon innovation and embrace sorrow.


What this film holds for me:

What: The Giving Tree in animated live-action future mix

How: Seriously depressed and confused for having feelings for robots. Can’t believe link to the film’s website has been taken down

Who: Spike Jonze. Spike Jonze. 


One thought on “Short: I’m Here (2010) – Intro to Mister Jonze

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